Product Name: LEMON MASK

Product Price:$2.99

Assists in purifying & tightening pores for a healthy and more clear look
- Has brightening capabilities to bring out a youthful glow & to help even skin tone.  
- Helps dull / dark complexions become more radiant and bright.
- Hydrates the skin & supplies an abundance of Vitamin C into the skin.
- Helps to get rid of acne marks & scars
- Has influential bleaching properties
- Has natural alpha hydroxy acids which work to remove dead skin cells
- Encourages new skin cell growth

Skin type: Best for Acne skin, clogged pores
- Suitable for dull skin, oily skin, rough skin


Lemon is a natural face cleanser, it acts as Mother natures bleach and can lighten skin tone. Lemon essences regular use helps remove stubborn acne and pimple marks. Lemon mask is  even used by eczema patients. Vitamin-C content in lemon is quite high which acts as an anti-oxidant to fight free radicals.  Lemons have an abundance of fruit acids and sugars that are great for acting as an exfoliant, black head remover, skin brightner and as a treatment for sunburn.



Tap package two or three times before opening a pouch.
1. Cleanse and wash your face
2. Take the mask out of its packaging & unfold it carefully
3. Apply mask to your face for 20 - 30 minutes
4. Remove mask & do not rinse
5. Allow excess moisture to be absorbed into skin
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